Sep 28, 2017

After becoming mother of beautiful daughter Zahra, my world of Art paused. Life turned very busy. Zahra is 2 years now and I am starting to get my hands back to what I Love; Art. I never buried Art from the first place, I kept it going through Culinary and Make up. But finally I feel I can paint or sketch. No rush.
Currently I worked on a Sketchbook Project. They are based in Manhattan /Brooklyn, NY.
My Sketchbook is on display the Art Library in Brooklyn and it can be viewed online too.


Thank you very much x

Art Classes in New York

So I decided to expand my study and I started Live Painting classes at Art Students League of New York.

I Loved it. 

My Visit at SCOPE in New York 2014

So I visited SCOPE Art Fair in Manhattan, New York. What can I say about my experience. All the Artists were Amazing. And The works were outstanding. What a feeling!!!

More about SCOPE :

Jun 8, 2013

Art Sessions at the Botanical Garden in Toledo. Flashback

At the most beautiful place, Art Sessions with Artist Paul. in Toledo,  Ohio.February 2013

Life Painting Sessions

Life Painting Sessions at the Common Arts Space in Toledo Ohio February 2013

Gamblin Workshop at the Art Depo

Lecture/Demo : Gamblin Artist's Colors presented Understanding Contemporary Oil Painting materials. Host: Artist Andrea Harris. in Toledo, Ohio. February 2013

Photography Project by Pavlove an International Photographer

Photography Project by International Photographer Pavlove Der Visionär who was in Tanzania in July 2012.

His vision was to take pictures of Artists with closed eyes.
Being as one of the Participant and Coordinator in Dar Es Salaam I finally say Thank you Pavlove for this opportunity and I am very happy to see the works.

My Picture.

To my surprise I received this picture of me in Exim Bank calendar from Dar es Salaam, one of the Art projects that I did for Exim Bank in Kilakala Primary school. Because of the generosity by the Exim Bank those kids learnt about Art and sat on new Desks. 

Invitation at the Indonesian Embassy. Flashback.

Flashback: Being a nominator for SAF

Mural Painting Activity at Chapchap Prog at Nafasi Art Space

Workshop at Shree Hindu Mandal Primary School and Art Program for Star TV Channel

Presented by Image Profession and Star Tv for the 2nd iMage Profession Drawing Competition with Standard 2 children. On October 5th 2012 at Shree Hindu Mandal Primary School

Curating Art Exhibition. Flashback.


As a Tanzanian Artist

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